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The Holy Kaaba

The Quran refers to Makkah and the Holy Mosque Accordingly, Ibrahim and his son Ishmael built the Kabah. Later through the decades the Kaba was rebuilt various times through history but always by maintaining the original stonework and dimensions.
The Kabah has a great role in Islam, being the vocal point of all prayers as well as a destination for worship and devotion.

The Size of the Kaaba :

The current height of the Kaaba is 39 feet, 6 inches and total size comes to 627 square feet.
The inside room of the Kaaba is 13x9 meters. The Kaaba's walls are one meter wide. The floor inside is 2.2 meters higher than the place where people perform Tawaaf.
The ceiling and roof are two levels made out of wood. They were reconstructed with teak which is capped with stainless steel.
The walls are all made of stone. The stones inside are unpolished, while the ones outside are polished.
This small building has been constructed and reconstructed by Prophets Adam, Ibrahim, Ismail and Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon them all). No other building has had this honor.

What is inside the Kaba?

  • There are two pillars inside (others report 3 pillars)
  • There is a table on the side to put items like perfume
  • There are two lantern-type lamps hanging from the ceiling
  • The space can accommodate about 50 people
  • There are no electric lights inside
  • The walls and floors are of marble
  • There are no windows inside
  • There is only one door
  • The upper inside walls of the Kaaba were covered with some kind of curtain with the Kalima written on it.

Kaaba corners:

The four corners of Kabah are:

  • The black corner
  • The Shami corner
  • Yamani corner
  • Iraqi corner
At the top of the northern wall, there is the Mizab, A water drain element which is made of pure gold, dominating the stone of Ishmael.

Black Stone Hajr-e-Aswad:

Located at the southeastern part of Kabah, a sign of divine grace, it is a heavy oval stone, of black reddish color. Its diameter is 30 cm, surrounded with a silver frame. The circler is required to kiss the black stone if possible. It is told that Messenger (peace of Allah be upon him) said, "the stone and the station of Ibrahim are two bequeathed from paradise, but Allah obliterated their light, otherwise they would have lit between east and west". He also said, "when the black stone was lowered from paradise, it was whiter than milk, but the sins of humans made it black.

Station of Ibrahim (Maqam lbraheem):

It is the stone upon which Ibrahim (May Allah be please with him) was standing while he was building the Kabah. It is circled with silver. The trace of footprints is clear in the stone. The late King Faisal Bin Abed AI-Aziz ordered to make a crystal glass cover, surpassed by an iron framework, with a marble foundation around the Maqam

Stone of Ismail:

It is the space to the north of Kabah under the Mizab. It is paved in marble as well as being enclosed by a marble parapet. The stone was originally a portion of the Kabah when Ibrahim originally built it, but when Quraish (the historic tribe rulers of Makkah rebuilt it during their era they left the stone out, accordingly, it is a part of the Holy Kabah.

AL Multazem:

It is between the black stone and the door of Kabah. AI Multzem, the Arabic word, means the thing at which people attach and supplicate.


Historically Ibrahim was ordered to leave his wife Hajirah and child Ishmael in a valley without any vegetation or water at the site of his sacred house before the building of the Kabah promising to provide for them. As Ishmael cried in thirst Hadhrath-e-Hajirah ran from a small rise to another (safa and marwah) in the hope that a mirage of water was real. Allah then broke forth a spring at the feet of the crying baby now know as the well of Zamzam.

Zamzam well is located few meters east of Kaaba under the Tawaaf area, the well is 35 meters deep and topped by an elegant dome.

Safa, Marwah and Saiy:

Safa is the rocky hill from which Saiy starts, and Marwah is the rocky hill at which "Saee" ends. It is mentioned in Holy Quran that they are of Allah's rituals Previously, Safa and Marwah were out of the Holy Mosque, when the Saudi expansion began, the path of saiy was entered within the Holy Mosque. It is 395 meters long and 20 meters wide with a number of doors opening on to it. The original shape of the Safa and Marwah was maintained as it was.

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