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Al Tawafah was 1st appeared in Makkah , as an aid offers to the Muslims who are not Arabs or they don’t know the rituals and rites of Omrah and pilgrimage. It started first with individuals called Mutawaf, waiting for the pilgrims ships so they can assist the pilgrims through their staying of performing Pilgrimage or Omrah. They were responsible of finding the suitable accommodation, running their errands. To communicate and coordinate the pilgrims, Al Mutawaf got to speak many foreign languages. Actually, AlTawafah, was divided into the willing individuals or families, so that each one can assist a certain group from a certain area with a certain language.


Al Tawafah still important, thou it’s not as important as it was in the past days with the spread of Pilgrimage and Omrah Instructional booklets and the wide range of Internet websites that cover the subject thoroughly. But still Al tawafah survived and still demanded. Moreover, to make it more organized, the government has proven on many statements regarding Altawafa, and many institutions have emerged to cover different part of the world-pilgrims

More recently, The Pilgrimage Ministry has proven the statement to allow Altawafah Institutions to start operating in similar manner as Pilgrimage and Omrah Agencies. Opening the door for Al Tawafah institutions to enter the business will guarantee better services to the Pilgrims.

In addition, new news is spreading regarding the Females breaking in Altawafah. As the members of “Almutawafah and Al Hajjah” Forum are starting to demand to be taken more seriously and to be allowed to offer their services around the year and not only on Hajj seasons.

Altawafah still widely requested and demanded. And every day a new method of Al Tawafa is seeing the light. One of the newest, is a program called “Al Mutawaf” can be download to any mobile device so you can get the ritual instruction into you portable device.

Performing Pilgrimage or Omrah never been easier!

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