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El Madina

El Medina is the first capital of Islam, containing the Prophet's Mosque and his holy grave, known as "El Medina", and familiar to all even if so called without the addition of any word after...

Saudi Arabia between the past and present

Saudi Arabia is a royal Arab country located in the Arabian Peninsula on three-fifths of its area...

Madinah Dates

Medina dates reached almost 270 types. The best of which is the Ajwah dates which The Prophet loved, as it is the master of all fruits and a fruit of paradise...


It is a city in the Hijaz region, Saudi Arabia. Was the first capital of the Islamic state known before Islam by the name of Yathreb...

The Swine Flu

It is the Swine Flu which is a disease of the respiratory tract caused by influenza viruses that belong to the family of (Orthomeksoveriday)...


As cited by Texas Tech University, the word "hospitality" comes from the Latin root meaning "host" or "hospice."...


The Problems Facing Hotels' Reservation Companies in the Kingdom

The problems facing hotels' reservation companies inside the Kingdom are many, which lead to a lack of companies' interest in market.

Some of these problems are:

Lack of Prices Credibility:

This is one of the biggest problems facing reservation companies as hotels are changing their prices from day to day depending on their availability and without any prior notice, leading to the client's surprise that reservation companies' prices are much higher than hotels' and some times are less, not considering the different and intervening seasons; and also leading to a loss of the companies' credibility in front of their clients who tend to deal directly with the hotels.

Lack of Availability Credibility:

It is the second obstacle in my view not to grant companies the possibility of booking; these companies are requesting bookings from hotels which in turn reply with no availability, only to discover moments later that the client had contacted the hotel directly and his request has been confirmed thus end up with the hotel selling the client directly at high prices and this leads to form a wrong idea that the reservation companies are weak and not performing their job correctly.

Poor Communication between the Reservation Department and other departments in the Hotel:

This is the third obstacle which sometimes leads client to accusing the reservation company of cheating on him, all because he reached the hotel but didn't find a booking for him there although the company had sent a fax requesting reservation and received a reply confirming this reservation. What happened is that the reservation department in the hotel didn't inform the reception department of this booking, or the reception didn't know that this reservation company is a hotel's client.

Also there are some hotels which refuse to open an account for the reservation companies and request the booking amount to be paid before the client's check in; hence, the company pays the amount either by sending a representative or via bank deposit or money transfer, then sends a copy by fax to the reservation department in the hotel and confirms fax received by phone, but later is surprised by the fact that the client was requested to pay the booking amount again.

These problems and many more are the reason which made the reservation companies very alert inside the Kingdom; thus, directing their interest to the outer market 95% more than the inner market.

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