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El Madina

El Medina is the first capital of Islam, containing the Prophet's Mosque and his holy grave, known as "El Medina", and familiar to all even if so called without the addition of any word after...

Saudi Arabia between the past and present

Saudi Arabia is a royal Arab country located in the Arabian Peninsula on three-fifths of its area...

Madinah Dates

Medina dates reached almost 270 types. The best of which is the Ajwah dates which The Prophet loved, as it is the master of all fruits and a fruit of paradise...


It is a city in the Hijaz region, Saudi Arabia. Was the first capital of the Islamic state known before Islam by the name of Yathreb...

The Swine Flu

It is the Swine Flu which is a disease of the respiratory tract caused by influenza viruses that belong to the family of (Orthomeksoveriday)...


As cited by Texas Tech University, the word "hospitality" comes from the Latin root meaning "host" or "hospice."...

Medina Dates

The Prophet (peace be upon him) had given credit to Medina dates as he said: " من أكل سبع تمرات مابين لابتيها لم يضره في ذلك اليوم سم حتى يمسي "

Medina dates reached almost 270 types. The best of which is the Ajwah dates which The Prophet loved, as it is the master of all fruits and a fruit of paradise. The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: " الكمأة دواء للعين , والعجوة من فاكهة الجنة...وأن هذه الحبة السوداء دواء من كل داء إلا الموت " Narrated by Imam Ahmad.

Virtues Medina Ajwah

    - It is a remedy for each disease, as stated in the quoted speech above.
    - It is a cure for poison.
    - Abu Hurayrah may Allah be pleased with him said: The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said: " العجوة من الجنة وهي شفاء من السم " Narrated by Muslim.
    - It is a healing for magic.
    - Quoting from Saad may Allah be pleased with him: The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said, " من تصبح بسبع تمرات عجوة لم يضره في ذلك اليوم سم ولا سحر " Narrated by Muslim.
    - It is a treatment for dizziness and leprosy.
    - Quoting from Aa'ishah said: The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said: " ينفع من الجذام أن تأخذ سبع تمرات من عجوة المدينة في كل يوم تفعل ذلك 7 أيام " narrated by Ibn Oudai.
    - It is a treatment for stomachache
    - Quoting from Saad Bin Abi Waqas may Allah be pleased with him said: I got sick disease, then the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) visited me and placed his hand between my chest and said: " إنك رجل مفؤود ائت الحارث بن كلدة أخا ثقيف فإنه رجل يتطبب فليأخذ سبع تمرات من عجوة المدينة فليجأهن ثم ليلدك بهن " narrated by Tabarani.

Dates are a mine of vitamins, and they are called mine due to their large content of metal elements such as phosphorus, calcium, iron, magnesium, sodium, sulfur, and chlorine. And Dates contain vitamins: A - B1 - B2 - & D, in addition to easy sugars of simple structure. Dates have many health benefits, the most notable being a tonic and laxative to the liver, and increases the sexual power especially with pine, also it addresses the roughness of the throat and is one of the most nutritious plant to the body and eaten on an empty stomach kills worms.

It also serves as a tonic for the muscles and nerves, delays aging, fights anxiety of the nervous system, activates the thyroid gland, and softens blood vessels, as well as it moisturizes the intestines and protects it from weakness and inflammations, strengthens the brain, fights dizziness, looseness and lethargy, and generates urine and cleans the liver and washes the kidneys.

Dates moisturize the intestines and keep it from inflammations and weakness. It is rich in grape sugar, fruit sugar, and cane sugar, and it contains a material which reduces blood pressure for pregnant women, and provides the body with heat and the vitamin that helps with growth that strengthens the nerves, and gives the iron necessary for blood and phosphorus important in the process of thinking and helps to obtain calmness and psychological comfort, that is why it is prescribed for nervous people, also eating it on an empty stomach kills worms.

And soaked dates act against coughs and bronchitis, while its fiber fights constipation and its salts adjust blood pH that causes kidney stones, gallbladder, gout, hemorrhoids, and high blood pressure. Only obese and diabetes people are prevented from dates. It is one of the best food in hot and cold countries since it is easy to digest (is digested within about an hour in the stomach) and helps the body get rid of constipation because it has Sliozep fiber that helps bowel circularity movements, as well as dates is a nutritious food for it is a fruit, a juice, a sweet, and a medicine, and it is composed of: 21% water, a large number of vitamins, 1.2% protein, 18% fat, 73% carbohydrates, and 3% fiber.

One kilogram of dates gives the same calorific value as a one kilogram of meat, and three times what a kilogram of fish gives; and to get a full nutritious meal out of dates, it is preferred to drink it with milk.

Dates and its Benefits

Dates is one of the most spread type of fruits and it is a healthy concentrated natural diet; and dates is distinguished form other fruits for containing beneficial nutrients to the body, and lots of people are nourished by its fruit around the world, as it is rich in sugars 65 - 75%, in addition to minerals and many vitamins.

Dates Sugars
Dates sugars are distinguished for its quick absorption as it goes directly to the blood after absorption then to the somatic cells, and its absorption does not need complicated digestion operations as it is the case with carbohydrates and fat materials; that is why the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him, before praying was used to end his fasting day with fresh dates, dried dates, or some sips of water, and this contains a wisdom because the fasting person will suffer the lack of some kinds of sugars which provide him with energy, as well as some critical vital elements. And dates as it is known is quickly digested and absorbed and contains glucose as well as fructose, which are absorbed from the bowel wall quickly and easily.

Also, starting with dried or fresh dates is healthy as the fasting person's stomach would be quiet relaxed during the fasting hours, so it's preferred to begin with a nutritious element that can be easily digested and quickly absorbed.

As well as all kinds of dates are a good source of potassium and moderate in iron content and calcium, and contains a high percentage of phosphorus, which is an active element for intellectual and physical power. In addition, dates are rich in vitamin A and moderate in vitamins B1 and B2 and low in vitamin C. Vitamin A is distinguished for increasing the weight as it is a growth factor and beneficial in strengthening the optic nerves and fighting against night blindness. As to vitamins B1, B2, and B6, they strengthen the nerves and soften the blood vessels.

The fat and protein in dates are present in very low rates... Dates are very important for children as they substitute sweets that are harmful to the teeth, and they help strengthen and improve their health. Taking dates with meals helps the body gets rid of toxic waste resulting from metabolism...

As we know that dates are the favorite food in the desert since they can be maintained and stored for a long time without corruption, and are daily served either fresh with meals and together with coffee at all times, or used in the manufacturing of multi food products such as dried and preserved, jams, molasses, sweets, pies, biscuits and other products.

Among the benefits of dates, is its influence on the disposal of toxic waste produced from the metabolism of foodstuffs within the body. Scientific research has indicated that the population of the oases and desert areas do not have cancer spread among them; the reason is that they depend on the dates as their main food and dates are also rich in magnesium which is a prevention element against cancer- if God wills.

It is also noted that the alkaline salts in dates correct the acidity of blood resulting from eating too much meat and starches that cause much of the genetic diseases such as diabetes, gout, kidney stones, gall bladder infections, high blood pressure, and hemorrhoids; and this attests to the saying of the Prophet, peace be upon him, that date gets rid of disease and is free of diseases, and he said: Ajwah dates are from paradise and contains healing.

Also dates is a medicine for skinny people since it is rich in single sugars that do not require digestion processes and dual sugars; and dates does not contain materials that hinder the absorption of iron and it increases the degree of absorption efficiency in the body, especially in children.

Dates are the Source of Dietary Fiber
The chemical composition of dates shows that it contains a good percentage of fiber, which helps bowel circular movement and makes dates an excellent natural laxative, in addition to being rich with potassium which helps to expel excess sodium from the body and thus leads to storage of water; as well as dates generate urine and wash the kidneys and clean the liver of its toxins since it contains a high proportion of simple sugars.

Among the benefits of dates is that it lessens the quick nervous irritability resulting from over activity of the thyroid gland, so if you're nervous or your son has a rapid movement and noted nerve irritation, dates have the ability to reduce the endocrine activity of the thyroid gland.

From what was mentioned and whatever was said about dates, we will not give them their natural right as they contain many health and nutritious benefits; but I would like to mention that despite our pride in this great palm tree and the rich dates and fruits it produces, our intake of dates must be normal and not exceed the acceptable limits since these fruits contain sugars and if we do not perform the necessary movement and activity, the body may increase its weight, as well as diabetic people must treat dates like any fruit where it should be within the basic substitutes of the treatment.

Health Benefits of dates
  » An easy to digest food that does not exhaust the stomach
  » Reduces the sensation of hunger felt by fasting persons
  » Prepares the stomach to receive food
  » Protects against constipation
  » Generates urine and wash the kidneys
  » cleans the liver from toxins
  » Reduces nervous irritability

Dates do not carry germs or microbes, and the mites they contain kill the germs that may infect humans.
The pollen plant addresses infertility within women and dates rejoices a sad heart.
Dates are the elixir of youth, contain a great secret, activate the glands and strengthen the nerves.
One date gives you calories enough for the effort of a whole day.

Dates protect against many diseases resulting from vitamins deficiency:
  » Night blindness
  » Dry skin
  » Repeated coughs and vitamin A deficiency
  » Bone limpness and vitamin D deficiency
  » Pelvic bones limpness in pregnant women and lack of vitamin D
  » Continued bleeding and lack of Vitamin K
  » Anemia
  » Gum and dental diseases and non healing wounds
  » Malignant anemia and deficiency of vitamin B complex

And the dates fruit passes through phases after the process of pollination and fertilization, namely:

Al Hababok or Al Habembo phase: begins immediately after pollination and takes from four to five weeks during which the fruit has a small spherical shape and a creamy color with green horizontal lines.
Al Kumri Phase: The fruit has an oval shape and green color with bitter taste.
Al Khalal or Bisr Phase: The fruit at this stage reaches its final size and shape and has a yellow or red tainted color and a semi sweet taste; this period lasts from three to five weeks.
Al Rateb Phase: it is when the half of the fruit that is far from the focal point becomes fleshy, while the 2nd half based on the head remains as was in Al Khalal phase. Many dates are eaten at this stage. This phase starts after two to four weeks from the end of Al Khalal phase.
Dates Phase: is the last stage of the maturity of palm fruits after the second half of Al Rateb matures.

And Medina is known for the best and most expensive dates at all, Al Medina Ajwah Dates, which still retains its importance, high demand, and high prices due to its scarcity because they are produced in the city of the Prophet, peace be upon him, and some Koran verses showed its virtue over other types of food and dates.

And researches emphasize that Medina Ajwah is one of the best varieties and the most integrated in metabolism and the most healthful for humans. Also other fresh and dried dates are famous in Medina: Al Ajwah dates, Al Anbara Dates, Sekee Dates, Safawi Dates, Berni Al Aiss Dates, Mabroum Dates, Karawiyah Dates, Ali Plant Dates, Shalabi Dates, Sukari Dates.
Fresh Dates types are: Alrothanah, Rabieha, Barhi, Wananah, Naboot Saif, Al Helwa, Swaida

Also Al Kharma, Raniya, Beesha, and Al Oula areas produce other types of dates such as: Al Oula Ajwah, Al Safri, Sri, and a variety of dates like Al Barni, Nabta, and others.

According to economic sources, the daily dates sales in Medina (western Saudi Arabia), which is currently witnessing large numbers of pilgrims before heading to Mecca, has a record number of up to 60 tons sales per day, which is worth 4.5 Million Riyal equivalent to $ 1.2 million. The sources said that the price per kilo ranges between 56 and 93 riyals.

There is in Medina a large market for dates near the Prophet's Mosque; any visitor must pass by it to purchase some types of dates, which is a typical and blessed gift which brings joy to Muslims when they receive thousands of miles away at home.

Medina dates market is the most active and tourist attracting of all markets. The owners of the market and their affiliates created an art view of the dates and its packaging, and added to them some refinements like almonds, pistachios, and a variety of colors with graphics and pictures of the Prophet's Mosque on the covers of the containers. As to Al Rateb, its most important type is Ajwah Dates which is eaten after its maturity, also Rateb Al Rothana which is the most delicious in Medina, followed by Al Helwa and Al Sokariya Al Madiniya, and many other types which the visitors buy in huge quantities at departure.

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